Control and Automation Services

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Atlas Electric & Control Inc. offers a wide spectrum of control and automation services. Our team of experts is skilled in designing, developing, testing, and installing automation systems for factories and other industrial purposes. We offer customized solutions that are aimed at enhancing the success of your business.

We have the necessary expertise required to offer a wide range of control and automation systems, including:

  • Variable speed drives
  • PLC Systems
  • Control Room Panels
  • Cabinets and Frames

The industrial control and automation field has witnessed a rapid rise of new technologies and standards. Industrial environments require systems that are energy efficient, secure, scalable, and upgradable, so clients need a provider that is well versed in the applicable technologies. The Atlas Electric & Control Inc. team is skilled in using the wide array of technologies available on the market today. In PLC Systems, for example, we have extensive experience with products from all the leading suppliers, including Siemens, Allen-Bradley, and Modicon. Regardless of the technology you are using, we have the expertise required to offer you an elite level of services.

Here at Atlas Electric & Control Inc., we design and develop control and automation systems that enhance process quality and reliability. Our team strives to incorporate customized solutions to meet the unique requirements and exceed the expectations of every client throughout the entire project cycle – from developing the plan to training your operators.